ProductTester Interface products

Simple handler supporting WLCSP


  • Conditioning during design development
  • Product confirmation at quality assurance department (failure analysis etc.)
  • Various soft modes (same position repeat measurement mode · refill mode)
  • Compact size and space saving

Main specifications

Products WLCSP, BGA, QFN, QFP etc. utility 単相AC100V、Max 10A, 50/60Hz 
DryAir 0.4MPa?0.7Mpa, 10NI/min
780mm(W) x 800mm(D) x 500mm(H)

Package size
Applicable tray

EIAJ, JEDEC(135.8mm x 135.8mm) etc.

Measurement environment Room temperature, high temperature (125 ° C) option * low temperature weight 60kg
Number of measurements
Number of classifications
Type switching
Take 1 piece
Standard 2 categories (maximum 6 categories)
Change kit exchange time within 3 minutes

□ Change kit
□ Ionizer
□ 3 inch tray compatible, other tray compatible
□ Same position / repeat measurement mode
□ Tray refill mode
□ mount

2.8?3.8 sec/IC ※1)
XY robot hand:50μm

* 1) Please note that the index may vary depending on the target product.
* Low temperature is handled with low-temperature dedicated handler