Litepoint The Leader in Wireless Test

LitePoint’s innovative products for manufacturing were built for just that…the rigors and unique demands of testing complex wireless devices at high volumes in manufacturing. Delays cost time and time costs money. From rugged, battle-proven hardware, to software with easy-to-read results display and logging, LitePoint systems are designed from the ground up for high-volume production.

IQxel Family(Test Solutions for Manufacturing)

zSeries(Test Solutions for the RF Lab)

The RF lab is changing, and your test technology must adapt. You need to get accurate chip test and first silicon characterization data back to design quickly, for fast production release and early market success. LitePoint lab solutions are much more than a pretty box. LitePoint lab solutions integrate into your existing infrastructure and seamlessly connect to your data automation systems. This means your results get when and where they are needed most.