Privacy policy


This site will endeavor to manage its personal information so that it will not leak.

Access Log

In this site, the information of the accessed person is recorded in the form of an access log. The access log includes the IP address of the person who accessed, the type of browser being used, the date and time of access and the search phrase, but it is not normally handled as information to identify individuals. Access logs are used for planning and providing better services, for the maintenance and management of websites and for statistical analysis on the usage situation, but it will not be used for any other purpose. Acquisition and use of access log are generally done on most web sites on a daily basis.

Cookie usage

Cookies are small files that you write from your website to your hard disk for the purpose of identifying users. Cookies are commonly used on many web sites. For example, if the user permits remembering the login name and password on the site, the site writes the cookie to the user's computer. Cookies can not read information on the user's hard disk. This site may write cookies on the user's computer to identify users. This site may use cookies to provide users with specific services or to display customized pages for users.

Effective scope of this privacy policy

This website does not assume any responsibility in the standards and contents of the handling of privacy information on other websites linked from this site. This Privacy Policy is effective only for the services provided on the domain The contents of this provision may be modified as necessary. In this case announcement will be done on the site.