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yieldHUB Cloud Based Yield Management

yieldHUB Cloud Based Yield Management

yieldHUB is a cloud-based yield management system used by fabless companies, IDMs, and OSATs around the world.

yieldHUB offers a cost-effective solution by combining semiconductor test expertise and analytical technology with ever evolving cloud-based solutions.

The data model is scalable from one Wafer to several lots and several MB to several TB.
All you have to do is upload the target data and import it into the database.
It uses sophisticated data processing and an innovative database design to quickly analyze hundreds of wafers worth of data. Analysis work is done using a web browser.
It is being used by Fabless, IDM, and OSAT companies around the world, and provides world-wide support in real-time, such as sharing of the knowledge base built from it.
There is an on-premises option for companies that need to build their own security environment.

Base Core System

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
    • High-Security yieldHUB host
    • Independent firewall for each customer
    • Data of 1GB to several TB
    • Short processing time
  • On Premise (option)
    • Original hosting at user site

Engineering Tools

  • Parametric Analysis
  • Bin Analysis
  • Index Correlation
  • Engineering Database
  • Test Time Analysis
  • Instant Sharing of Reports
  • Knowledge Base - Commenting
  • Semiconductor Specific Charting

New Product Introduction

In addition to Engineering Tools:

  • Characterization
  • Gage R&R (Repeat & Reproduce)
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Virtual Retest
  • Calculated Tests


  • Automatic Data Feeds
  • Production Volume Data Scaling
  • Yield, Bin & Parametric Alerts
  • Bin & Parametric Trends
  • Bin & Parametric Search
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Detect Program Changes
  • WAT/PCM Analysis

Custom Tool

  • Integration with MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • In Line Fab Data
  • Combined Electrical Data Report
  • Multi Substrate Correlation
  • Rad Hard Evaluation
  • Real Time SPC (Statistical Process Control)