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Interface for DC parametric test

Reduction in cost and efficiency of parametric test system (for research and development)

In recent years, with the increase in wafer diameter and process miniaturization, the number of devices to be measured and measurement time have increased, and the demand for lower price and higher measurement speed of parametric test system is increasing. In addition, with increasing measurement data, how to efficiently and easily process data analysis in a short time is important for shortening the development period. By providing the DC parametric test software "PROMETEUS" including measurement and analysis functions, and our customizable connector head, we offer a seamless environment independent of the type of prober and new parametric at a low price and high performance We are proposing a test environment.

  • Seamless measurement environment independent of prober type
  • Measurement environment with low cost measuring instruments
  • Provide customizable connector head (switching matrix built-in possible)Efficient production of measurement conditions, device control and analysis by low price and high function PROMETEUS


  • Shorter measurement time (realized at low price) by simultaneous multi-point measurement by multiple measuring instruments
  • Simultaneous control of multiple measuring instruments in parallel with PROMETEUS
  • Provide customizable connector head for various multipoint measurement environments
  • It is effective for WLR, minute current measurement

Reduction in cost and efficiency of parametric test system (for research and development)

Our company designs, manufactures and sells connector head for DC parametric test on the basis of technical strength accumulated through sales of various tester applications and test related I / F etc. for many years. In the field of DC parametric test, we provide connector head of parametric analyzer and full automatic prober which is not prepared by standard. It is possible to create various connector heads from general-purpose products that facilitate attachment and detachment of probe cards to those customized according to customer's requirements. With this connector head, it is easy to connect the parametric analyzer and full automatic prober, and it is possible to construct a measuring environment with excellent cost performance.

Outline drawing of connector head (basic specification)

  • Compatible with probers and testers of each company
  • Since it is grounded with the probe card with the pogo pin, it is easy to attach and detach the probe card
  • Impedance control
  • Clamp mechanism

High temperature and low temperature compliance - Micro leak - Probe card Agilent-4071/72/73/75/76/80

  • Substrate: Ceramic substrate
  • Structure: ceramic blade + coaxial cable connection
  • Measures against high temperature: Applicable to over 200 ° C (ceramic substrate)
  • Low temperature measure:? 50 ℃ correspondence (installation of upper shield cover)
  • Characteristics: Noise less than 10 fA High speed measurement with low dielectric absorption
  •  Number of target pins: MAX 48 pins

PC cooling system for DC parametric

Cooling attachment that can be incorporated with bolt ON that can inherently enable highly accurate measurement of tester by suppressing the heat influence to the inside of Tester by reducing the Probe-Card radiant heat at 200 ° C. high temperature TEST in direct docking in the parametric tester is.
    Cooling effect is measured by our company, it can be cooled from about 100 ° C to about 40 to 50 ° C on PC upper surface
    Auto card changer can be used for normal use.
    Probe card cooling attachment with cooling function for performing 200 ℃ high temperature probe test environment in the Agilent 4070 series. (Structurally, a ceramic blade type ceramic substrate probe card made by ATE service is necessary)
    Cool the air layer on the top of the probe card and the vicinity of the pogo seat of the tester with purge air injected from the cooling attachment.
    Eliminate the heat influence on the parametric tester and build an optimum measurement environment.

Fluid simulation (reference)

Cool the vicinity of Pogo seat. Eliminate the heat effect on the parametric tester and build an optimum measurement environment. When cooling measures are not taken at 200 ° C measurement: The probe card surface is about 80 ° C, which adversely affects measurement data

Supplying air from the cooling attachment: With the optimum cooling mechanism, the surface of the probe card is about 30 - 40 ° C, making it possible to perform good measurements. (Arrow is air flow)