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Performance board for LSI tester

  • Low price / fast delivery! It is a universal test board that you can use easily.
  • It is also fulfilling in terms of functioning, incorporating our own ingenuity.
  • We have a wealth of lineups according to the application.

Performance board for LSI tester

Major features

1. Enhancement of GND

Place inner layer GND plane all over. Impedance control of signal line and crosstalk prevention, etc. contribute to improvement of characteristics in various ways.

2. Added bypass capacitor switching circuit

It is a circuit necessary for measuring standby current of CMOS devices and others. Added control relay circuit and through hole for high frequency / low frequency capacitor to all power supplies. We have saved the trouble of wiring with cables.

3. Add HGND pattern

We set a pattern from the pad of HGND to the center of the board. Eliminate caught with the fixing ring in the case of cable wiring, improving the mounting of the board to the test head.

4. Inner jumper area

Simplify the inner peripheral part through hole and avoid the signal line stub. At the same time, jumper wiring to power supply / GND is smooth. Decoupling function strengthened by wiring length inductance reduction and easy bypass arrangement. Avoid stubs.

5. User · Original

We will propose applications according to the test environment of each company. The tester does not ask. Other applications of peripheral functions are also supported.

High speed device interface board

  • We will consolidate know-how in PCB development and testing and provide high-performance test board for high-end devices.
  • We will contribute to your device / business strategy as a test solution with a view to the next generation mounting technology "Super Connect".

Target tester

  • Advantest T66xx family
  • Agilent (HP) 83000/F330t, F660, 93000, 94000
  • Ando AL7275
  • LTX Fusion  
  • Schlumberger ITS9000 family
  • Teradyne J750, J973, Catalyst

In addition, each company's latest tester will be sequentially launched.

Main Specifications and Features

  • High speed = 3 dB bandwidth ~ 5 GHz, Characteristic impedance · Control ± 5%
  • Fine pitch = ~ 0.5 mm Compatible with space area array package
  • Multi-pin correspondence = Super multi-layer covering signal routing - 40 layers

Advanced design technology

High-speed digital transmission system Broadband / Micro analog equivalent layout

Advanced PCB process

Mixed layer structure of low dielectric constant / low loss material Aspect ratio 20: 1, various special vias

Abundant application experience

Board · system proposed according to test specification / method Various high performance · test socket compatible

Examples of test solutions

Evaluation / verification / final test of various SOC, high-speed logic, high bandwidth memory, mixed signal device, etc. ----- MPU, DSP, Graphics, Telecom, LVDS, DRDRAM, DDR-SDRAM ... etc.

T33xx test board example

  • T33xx P inspection standard - B / D
  • T3324 P inspection Custom-B/D
  • T33xx P inspection Custom-B/D
  • T33xx F inspection -standard B/D
  • T33xx F inspection -standard B/D
  • T33xx-DUT(350) B/D

T66xx test board examples

  • T66xx F Inspection standard-B/D-A
  • T6672 F InspectionCustom-B/D
  • T66xx F Inspection standard-B/D
  • T66xx P Inspection-standard B/D
  • T66xx F Inspection-small standard B/D
  • T66xx(1024ch) SQF Inspection standard-B/D

Yokogawa test board examples

  • Yokogawa TS1000 Custom-B/D
  • AL9134(MH930) F Inspection standardB/D
  • Yokogawa TS6000 F Inspection standardB/D
  • Yokogawa TS6000H series P Inspection standardB/D
  • Yokogawa TS6000H FInspection -B/D(768pin)

Teradyne test board examples

  • Teradyne A580 Board
  • Teradyne J750 Board
  • Teradyne Catalyst Board
  • Bench Board
  • Teradyne J873 Board
  • V-Series Board

Credence/IMS test board examples

  • IMS ATS2 Board
  • IMS ATS SC Board
  • Credence SC Board
  • Credence SC-312
  • Credence SC-212
  • Credence SC-312

Various test board examples

  • HP83000 F330 Board
  • HP83000 F660 Board
  • Schlumberger S-15 Board
  • Schlumberger IDS10000
  • Hitachi SH7070 Board