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Desktop Semiconductor Test Data Analysis


Examinator-Pro™ offers product and test engineers everything they need to characterize new ICs and test programs, quickly ramp up production at OSATs and identify and diagnose yield excursions. Examinator-Pro turns standard test data files like STDF, ATDF, PCM and 100+ other formats into comprehensive reports, and enables you to drill down into the data interactively for root-cause analysis.

It provides powerful productivity features for multi-variable corner-case characterization, accelerated life testing and fast, flexible queries on huge datasets stored in a test data repository. Examinator-Pro also serves as a client for Yield-Man™, providing the same user interface for file-based and RDB-based analysis.

Typical Examinator-Pro applications include:

  • Advanced device characterization and reliability analysis
  • Test program prove-in/limit tuning
  • Tester, load-board correlation studies
  • Test time optimization
  • Subcontractor qualification
  • Root cause analysis for yield issues

User surveys indicate that customers find exceptional value in Examinator-Pro because it’s:


Creates all the popular reports simultaneously for a quick overview of the data.

Easy to use

Enables immediate productivity without any training.


Supports a broad range of data formats and usable from early characterization to large-scale production.


Compatible with Yield-Man and PAT-Man™ for high volume production yield and quality management.