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IDDx Loadboard monitor

Advanced (Delta) IDDQ Measurement Instrument Supporting Various Test Applications

The QD-10xx is a full featured, advanced configurable quiescent supply current (IDDQ) measurement instrument, supporting both probe and final test and designed for probe card and interface board applications. The instrument supports a wide range of IDDQ test and measurements applications and provides digital measurement values as well as a pass/fail output signal. On-board memory and data processing capabilities allow implementing a wide range of basic and advanced current based test strategies.

Advanced Dynamic /Transient (IDDT) Supply Current Measurement Instrument

The QT-1411 is a fast and sensitive digital dynamic/transient supply current (IDDT) measurement instrument, serving a wide range of test and measurement applications and designed for use on probe cards and interface boards.

Configurable Analog Supply Current Measurement Instrument

The QA-1000 is a configurable analog supply current measurement instrument, designed for probe and final test and continuous current measurement applications. The QA- 1000 operates according to the Stabilized Voltage Drop principle. Its unique design ensures its transparency.