MIPI DSI-2 Analysis on SV3C C-PHY Analyzer

At-Speed Protocol Verification of Display Packet Transmissions Running on MIPI Physical Layers

Highly sophisticated capture and analysis tools are embedded within the Introspect ESP Software and operated on the SV3C CPRX C-PHY Analyzer. The tools enable gaining insight into frame transmissions, DCS commands, and display panel configuration.

Analyze Every Frame

  • Frame viewer provides a global view of DSI-2 captures
  • Tabulated reports allow for comparing frames or sections of frames
  • Hyperlinks allow for drilling down into the protocol layers (packets, events, bursts, time-stamps, and individual physical layer bytes)

Decode Packet Details

  • Extract every type of DSI-2 packet in LP or HS transmissions
  • Export packet data into tables
  • View and verify packet headers, footers, and payloads
  • Quickly navigate to erroneous transmissions using advanced search features

View Raw Event Tables and Time Stamps

  • Using hyperlinks, switch between traffic data, packet data, and event tables
  • Correlate time stamps on individual lane events with those in the final merged traffic
  • Quickly access specific physical layer data associated with a given event or time stamp

Interpret and Decode Display Commands

  • Rapidly debug start-up commands such as DCS sleepout
  • Verify the timing of command transmissions relative to video frame transmissions

Explore Physical Layer Data

  • Using hyperlinks, identify individual symbol transmissions out of millions of bytes of data transmissions
  • Rapidly locate errors in the physical layer and gain insight into how they manifest themselves into protocol or traffic errors
  • Evaluate physical layer timing parameters under real traffic conditions