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SI modeling platform

Wild River Technology 's SI modeling platform provides a reference environment for simulation and high - speed / wideband measurement for 6 - 32 Gbps serial link design.

Basic configuration

  • You can create an analysis model for various electromagnetic field simulators.
  • You can reduce the number of steps to prepare the evaluation board by yourself.
  • Comparison with standard attached S parameter measurement example is possible.
  • It can be used as a board wiring reference design.

CMP-28/32 channel modeling platform

· Various test coupons for 10 to 32 Gbps transmission design / evaluation
- Single ended / differential
- impedance discontinuity
- Crosstalk
- Stub resonance
- Via
- Connector lunch

<Application example>
· Signal integrity evaluation at over 10 to 32 Gbps
· Comparative verification of measurement / modeling, benchmark

<Product number>
· CMP-28: 2.92 mm connector (40 GHz)
· CMP-32: 2.4 mm connector (50 GHz)

CMP-70 Advanced Channel Modeling Platform

The CMP-70 advanced channel modeling platform is a powerful next-generation tool for developing 70 GHz systems. The main purpose of this product Application is 3D-EM solver analysis modeling by time series / frequency domain measurement method. All structures insulate the DUT like automatic fixture removal (AFR, 1X and 2X) or measurement based model (ADM) using ADS.

ISI-28 / ISI-32 inter-symbol interface platform

・ISI (Intersymbol Interference) Control wiring: -5~-40dBISI.jpg

<Application example>
· SERDES receiver test
· Jitter analysis
· Channel optimization
· IBIS-AMI model verification

<Product number>
· ISI-28: 2.92 mm connector (40 GHz)
· ISI-32: 2.4 mm connector (50 GHz)
· ISI-40: 1.85 mm connector

XTK-28/32 crosstalk modeling platform

・ICR (Insertion Crosstalk Ratio) Control wiring: -15 ~ -50 dB


<Application example>
· SERDES receiver test
· Jitter analysis
· Channel optimization
· IBIS-AMI model verification

<Product number>
· XTK-28: 2.92 mm connector (40 GHz)
· XTK-32: 2.4 mm connector (50 GHz)

VLF-K + 2.92 mm PCB connector

For the measurement of ~ 10 Gbps ~, the SMA connector is no longer in bandwidth.
Wild River Technology offers wideband connectors that can be directly mounted on a PCB
We prepare ourselves.

VLF = Vertical Launch Female

· 2.92 mm / K connector (fe)
· Band: ~ 40 GHz
· Screw mount (solderless)
Evaluation kit (lunch design example)

· Used with CMP-28, ISI-28, XTK-28