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3D electromagnetic field analysis base signal integrity software

  • Simberian's Simbeor THz is a 3D full wave electromagnetic analysis based SI tool for onboard interconnect design of serial links of 6 to 100 Gbps.
  • From pre-layout · planning to post layout verification, it corresponds widely to various scenes of the design flow.
  • Supplies a system level simulator and general-purpose 3D-EM solver, provides SI analysis environment that emphasizes cost performance.

Simbeor THz Functions

□ EM solver
· 3D MoL (line method)
· 3DTF (Trefftz finite element method)
· SFS (Moment method base semi-static solver)

□ Touchstone Analyzer
· S parameter quality check
· Broadband SPICE model transformation

□ T-Line Wizard
· Single-ended / differential wiring structure generation
· Transmission parameter extraction

□ Via Analyzer
· Single-ended / differential via structure generation
· Model tuning

□ SITune
· Model structure parameter optimization engine

□ Board Analyzer / DeComposer
· Import CAD layout data
· Partitioning and overall analysis of wiring

□ Linear network analysis
· Circuit solver
· Frequency domain / time domain

□ Eye Analyzer
· Eye Diagram Analysis
· Jitter injection

□ ICN Analyzer
· Integrated Crosstalk Noise analysis
IEEE 802.3ba compliance mask