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IConnect® TDR/SParameter analysis tool

IConnect® TDR/S Parameter analysis tool

IConnect is an interconnect signal integrity evaluation / modeling tool based on TDR / TDT measurement.
  • TDR / TDT waveform management 
  • Multiple reflection removal by Z-Line algorithm / High precision characteristic impedance measurement  
  • Single ended / differential S parameter measurement
  • Eye Diagram Analysis, Mask Test  
  • Lossless transmission line parameter extraction / SPICE model generation  
  • Mac model generation by MeasureXtractor
  • TDR measurement with built-in circuit simulator ~ SPICE model comparison verification
  • Installed on Tektronix DSA 8300 or installed on PC

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SDLA Visualizer Serial data link analysis visualizer

SDLA Visualizer is a simulation software that visualizes the waveform of a measurement difficult part on a high-speed serial link by using both the measured waveform and the interconnect model.

  • Analysis of Tx device output by dienbed of measuring circuit
  • Analysis of receive waveform of Rx device by embedding of interconnect model
  • Rx equalization: IBIS-AMI can be input in addition to CTLE, DFE, FFE
  • Flexible interconnect model input (S parameter, RLC, T element, ...)
  • Up to 6 simultaneous virtual probing  
  • Jitter analysis by interlocking with DEPOJIT
  • Installed in Tektronix MSO / DPO 70000 series

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Interconnect · Modeling · Support

For measurement / analysis using SDLA Visualizer, it is essential to create an interconnect model. We take advantage of the technical support experience of SI / PI tool and give advice on modeling.

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