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Keysight EEsof EDA Software

From the EDA software lineup of Keysight Technology, we propose a group of analysis tools for high-speed digital circuit design, including SIPro / PIPro, the latest solution. ATE service is a solution partner of Keysight technology.

SIPro / PIPro

· Integrated analysis platform of SI, PI, EMC
· Compliant with 3D-EM accuracy, large scale problem handling / high speed processing

· By Momentum + FEM technology
Composite Element Method
· ADS base
- Layout, Schematic GUI
- Circuit analysis

<Main analysis function>

· DC IR drop, current density
· PDN impedance
· PDN + IO S parameter
· Electric field / magnetic field / current density distribution
· Transient, Convolution

Advanced Design Systems (ADS)

Advanced Design Systems (ADS)
  RF / microwave / high speed digital design platform


3D electromagnetic field modeling, simulation