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High Performance Conductive Elastomer Interconnects

Conductive Elastomer Interconnects

Invisipin of R & D Interconnect Solutions is a high-density mounting contact pin made of conductive DC elastomer with low DC resistance. By interposer technology Elastech using the same pin, it is possible to offer it in various interconnect forms. We are aiming to evaluate and test high-speed digital devices, RF / mixed-signal devices, etc. that need good SI / PI.

High Performance Test Sockets and Contactors:

Introducing: INVISPIN®, our newest offering for individual pin interconnects. Pick and place compatible, individually replaceable and infinitely configurable. R&D Interconnect Solutions ATE Board to DUT Test Sockets specializes in medium-to-high-volume, high-density, small-pitch Gigahertz interconnection systems for various electronic industries. Our emphasis is on product innovation for customer applications where the edge rates are fast, the space is limited, the reliability demands are high, and the cost sensitivity is critical.

R&D Interconnect Solutions has expertise in providing low-insertion loss separable interconnects for high- frequency IC devices in BGA, LGA, QFP/SO, QFN/DFN, and fine-pitch BGA packaging. Products and technologies are aimed at providing cost-effective ways to socket IC devices with solderless compression mount techniques.