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SerDes Test Solution

SerDes Test Solution

Way more than meets the eye.

Amazing performance. Engineered for maximum productivity.

Everything you need to develop and verify your high-speed digital algorithms is contained in these ultra-portable test instruments. They will forever change the way you think about developing and verifying Gbps digital and mixed-signal algorithms, and they will allow you to measure signals in ways that were not possible in the past. Each personalized tester  is equivalent to multiple hardware platforms, containing everything that you need to make high-performance measurements like bit error rate testing, signal generation, and signal measurement.

Personalized SerDes Testers

USB modular instruments for SerDes development & test.

Endpoint testing SV1D/SV2D/SV3D

Endpoint testing. Defined.

Everyone likes a good handshake. Even your device under test.

For most of the work that you do, your real need is to establish some level of very basic communication with your device under test. Introspect testers define a new category of test capability that serves exactly your need. Each tester can be optionally programmed to communicate as an end-point with your device, whether your device is a MIPI D-PHY receiver, an embedded DP receiver, or a proprietary signal transmission system. You are now able to perform signal integrity verification such as receiver jitter tolerance without having to spend months struggling with your legacy test and measurement tools in order to have them perform simple communication tasks.

Powered by Introspect ESP

The world’s most advanced test development environment.

Introspect ESP makes using Introspect test systems intuitive and easy. It exploits every capability of the hardware system in order to allow you to be the most efficient at developing your algorithms and test code. Intelligently self-aware, this environment keeps track of every setting that you take the system through, thus never losing track of your every debug step. The show-as-test feature allows you to restore any instrument and device-under-test state even if you have not saved your most recent Test Procedure. Coupled with built-in report generation and a remarkably simple user interface, the Introspect ESP environment allows you to develop, execute, and report on your tests in record time.

Basic function of C-PHY pattern generation of SV3C

Automatic C-PHY automatic voltage sweep of SV3C

Control of overall C-PHY timing parameters of SV3C

C-PHY function of SV3C